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Real Name: Kara Zor-El
Alias: Claire Connors; Linda Lang
Hero Code Name: Supergirl
Place of Birth: Argo City, Krypton

Known Relatives: Zor-El (father, deceased), Allura In-Ze (mother, deceased), Clark Kent/Kal-El (Superman, cousin), Conner Kent/Kon-El (Superboy, cousin, deceased, now resurrected), Jor-El II (uncle, deceased), Lara Lor-Van (aunt, deceased), Jonathan Kent (adopted uncle, deceased), Martha Kent (adopted aunt), Nim-El (uncle, deceased), Dondra Klu-Ta (aunt, deceased), Don-El (cousin, deceased), Jor-El I (paternal grandfather, deceased), Nimda An-Dor (paternal grandmother, deceased), Lar-Van (maternal grandfather, deceased), Lara Rok-Var (maternal grandmother, deceased), Val-El, Sul-El, Tala-El, Hatu-El, Gam-El (ancesters, deceased), Kara Zor-L (Power Girl, alternate universe version of her)
(Note that Kara considers Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman her role models.)

Best Friends: Cassandra "Cassie" Sandsmark aka Wonder Girl, Tim Drake Wayne aka Red Robin, and Lana Lang.
Other Friends: Stargirl, Starfire, Superboy, Batgirl, Oracle, Jimmy Olsen, Gangbuster, Inspector Mike Henderson who is head of the Metropolis Metacrimes Division, Robin aka Damian Wayne, and the female Dr. Light.

Love Interests/Relationships: Owen "Boomer" Mercer (close friend, but him being in his 20's and her being underage prevented anything more than a big brother/kid sister relationship), Dick Grayson of New Earth (her first crush; and first male she kissed; but was too old for her and he wasn't interested in her due to his own love for Starfire), Powerboy of New Earth (Fifteen year old child abused/murdered New God; Saved her life; Her first boyfriend; Gave her Streaky; First teen boy she kissed; Her kryptonite poisoning causes the Boy of Power to lose control of his empathic powers; along with Dark Angel manipulating them and his Father Box resulted in a super breakup. Supergirl vol 5 #11, #13, & #14), Brainiac 5 (31st century Legion of Superheroes; Have a future romantic relationship), Henry Octavius Flyte (2nd boyfriend. Earthling she dated at Stanhope College in 2011 - Supergirl vol 5 #67).

(Note: Poison Ivy was her first kiss, but was not romantic. Ivy had Kryptonite poisoned lipstick and was trying to kill Kara via a deadly kiss. So was attempted murder. But Kara already exposed to larger amounts of Kryptonite wasn't affected by the kiss.)

(Note #2: It should also be noted that Kara Zor-El of New Earth only had one official boyfriend during the first 6 years of her comic book appearances. And never had sexual relations with anybody. Powerboy was the only super-powered teen hero she ever dated between her first appearance in 2005 until the end of her comic book run in the fall of 2011. There was hints that she would some day have a relationship with Brainiac 5. But that was based on a future storyline that may not happen for years, if ever due to the Flashpoint reboot. Yet she did date one more boy, for a total of two boyfriends in her existence. It was not until the final month of her comic book Supergirl v5 #67 - October 2011, when she ended her story dating and kissing a second boyfriend named Henry Octavius Flyte.)

Height: 5' 5"
Weight: 135 lbs (61.23 kg)
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde

First Appearance: ACTION COMICS #252 (1959);
(Best incarnation) Superman/Batman #8 (2004); SUPERGIRL Vol. 5 #0 (2005);
(Current incarnation) Supergirl Vol 6 #1 (2011);

Affiliations: Justice League, Teen Titans, Legion of Super-Heroes, Outsiders, Batman, Powerboy, Power Girl, Team Superman, Themyscira, Wonder Woman

Notable aliases: Supergirl, Flamebird, The Girl of Steel, Maid of Might, Princess of Power, Linda Lee Danvers (pre-Crisis), Claire Connors (New Earth), Linda Lang (New Earth)

Notable powers: Like Superman, she has vast super strength, speed & stamina, various extra sensory and vision powers, invulnerability, flight.

Known Powers: Powers are similar to other Kryptonians, such as Superman and Power Girl. Like all Kryptonians under a yellow sun, Kara Zor-El's body stores normal (yellow) sunlight. And yellow solar radiation gives her the following super powers:

Super Intelligence.
Solar Energy Absorption.
Superman level Superhuman strength, and invulnerability.
Superhuman durability, and a protective natural aura.
Superhuman speed and flight.
Enhanced senses, particularly vision; Including x-ray vision, heat vision, infrared vision, electro-magnetic spectrum vision, telescopic vision, and microscopic vision. Super-breath, super-hearing, and super voice. Supergirl is a master ventriloquist. She is also a mimic, able to impersonate human voices or animal sounds.

Continued exposure to a yellow sun would cause the level of her abilities to slowly increase.

Falsely believed that experiments performed by her father had left a small amount of sunstones implanted in her body, which seemed to appear when she is cut or bleeds. She thought that sunstones allowed her to maintain her super-powers under the red sun, as well as free those who are possessed by Phantom Zone ghosts. But was revealed that there was no sunstones, it was fake memories implanted by Darkseid. The crystals coming out of her body when she was cut or bleeding was caused by Kryptonite poisoning.

Kara is also a capable fighter having trained with the amazons. And is also somewhat capable as an actress, or in disguise. She has so far managed to play the roles of Flamebird, a high school girl, a villainess, an innocent young girl/super fighter, and a biker babe.

Limitations & Weaknesses

Her aura does not protect her from magic-based attacks. She is incredibly vulnerable to mind control, as was the case with Saturn Queen and Dark Angel both manipulating her into making mistakes and destroying relationships with other heroes such as Power Girl and Powerboy. Also is weaker or more prone to harm against magical creatures such as vampires & werewolf's.

Being a Kryptonian, Kryptonite has harmful effects on Kara. Green-K will cause Kryptonite poisoning and ultimately death.

Red Kryptonite has an unpredictable affect on Kryptonians. Examples of how Supergirl was affected by Red-K are as follows: changing into an adult Superwoman, splitting into two people, one half being Evil Kara, getting amnesia, and gaining the power to see through lead. However, the affects of exposure are only temporary, and if not fatal, will usually pass within one to 48 hours.

Note that it was Kryptonite poisoning that caused all the bad girl behavior Kara displayed in the Superman/Batman comic, and in the first two years of Supergirl Vol. 5. Kryptonite poisoning caused her to not remember her childhood, allowing Darkseid to implant fake memories to create the Dark Kara persona. Thus all the memories of her killing students and murdering her mother was fake memories. Darkseid knew she would never kill her cousin willingly, so was trying to trick her into thinking she was saving the Earth from Phantom Zone phantoms if she killed Superman. However, she loved her cousin too much to ever kill him for any reason.

Also it was the Kryptonite poisoning combined with the fake kill Superman memories of Darkseid that was the secret reason for her violent behavior around other heroes. Examples include fighting the Teen Titans the first time they met; dislocating Superboy's jaw with a Super Punch; fighting the Outsiders; getting a tattoo; betraying the aliens in the bottled city of Kandor; not caring enough to even know her boyfriend's name; making out and then having a super fight with Powerboy; acting overly sexual and calling herself a crazy chick; All those ooc incidents and many more was caused by her Kryptonite poisoning; along with fake memories implanted by Darkseid; Lex Luthor using Kryptonite to bring out Dark Kara making the fake memories feel all the more real; Saturn Queen manipulating Supergirl's mind; Dark Angel manipulating Father Box, Powerboy, and Kara in an attempt to destroy her life.

Besides her weakness to Green-K. Another kind is also very dangerous. But luckily Gold Kryptonite is rare. And fortunately so since it can rob a Kryptonian of their super-powers for 30 minutes, leaving them vulnerable to death by normal means.

Blue Kryptonite has no effect on Supergirl, only on Bizarro imperfect duplicates.

Kryptonians are able to harm each other more easily since they seem to be able to bypass each other's auras.

Supergirl cannot see through lead.

Supergirl would eventually weaken and become powerless without replenishing her energy reserves with normal (yellow) sun radiation. Also would lose her powers under a green sun. And retains powers in an orange-sun system and under a hotter blue-white sun her powers would be increased.

Pre-Crisis History (1958 to 1985)

Kara Zor-El was sent to Earth from the spaceborne Kryptonian Argo City by her parents Zor-El and Allura to escape death by Kryptonite poisoning. Kara's rocket was found on Earth by her cousin, Superman. She posed as orphan Linda Lee, often wearing a brunette wig when not acting as Supergirl. Later, she was adopted by Fred and Edna Danvers, becoming Linda Lee Danvers.

Kara gave her life to save the Universe battling the Anti-Monitor during the Crisis on Infinite Earths. With her death, she was retconned out of existence.

Post-Crisis History (1986-2004)

With nobody remembering any previous Supergirl, a protoplasmic lifeform appeared after the Crisis, asking Superman for help. This new being would later become Supergirl (Linda Danvers), also known as Matrix.

Supergirl - Kara Zor-El of New Earth (2004-2011)

It wasn't until about two decades after the Crisis of Infinite Earths that a girl calling herself Kara Zor-El was sighted on Earth. As a result of the events of Infinite Crisis, the recently created Earth-0 aka New Earth became the main universe for all the heroes and villains in the DC Universe. Either due to the Infinite Crisis or due to Superboy-Prime altering reality by punching it. Something unexpected happened. Kara Zor-El came into existence once more. Kara's ship had become stuck to a piece of the planet Krypton, delaying her arrival. She had been in suspended animation for many years, resulting in her being the same age she was when leaving Krypton. (Kara was 15 years old when she left Krypton, and expected to find her cousin Kal-El to still be a baby when next they met.) Her spaceship crashed in Gothan City harbor. She didn't speak any Earth languages and was completely naked and scared when discovered by Batman. Batman helped Kara find her cousin Superman. She quickly learned English. And was told that Superman was considered one of the Greatest Heroes of All Times. She was uncertain of herself after finding an older Superman rather than the young Kal-El she was supposed to watch after.

Before Kara could settle into her new life on Earth, Darkseid kidnapped her. The evil leader of all New Gods of Apokolips attempted to manipulate her and make her turn evil. He brainwashed Kara. He implanted fake memories of her father experimenting on her to fight Phantom Zone phantoms and sending her on a mission to kill Superman. These fake memories lead her to attack her own cousin. After a rescue mission to Apokolips by Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Big Barda. Superman defeated Kara and returned her to Earth. Supes faked her death so Darkseid would not come looking for her. She then assumed the role of Supergirl.

Due to being on the totally alien world of Earth, she felt out of place, not sure where she really belonged. Kara was also uncomfortable with her cousin's over-protectiveness, and the age difference made it hard for her to communicate with him. With only the vaguest memory of her past, Kara wanted to figure out who she really was and where she belonged, and thought that the JSA member with a very similar origin to her's could help. Superman had told her that many years back he'd discovered a crashed spacecraft just outside of Gotham, and that a young blonde girl named Kara introduced herself as his cousin from Krypton. So Kara gone to see this other Kara who gone by the name Power Girl. But to her great disappointment she found it difficult to hang out with Power Girl since their powers would go haywire when they touched. Kara quickly realized that her presence was only screwing up Power Girl's life even more than she was her own. Which lead Kara to find kindred spirits with fellow teenagers, such as her cousin Superboy. And became close friends with another blonde teen hero known as Stargirl, and fellow alien Starfire.

Unfortunately, since returning from her terrible ordeal at the hands of Darkseid (due to being implanted with fake evil memories that created the Dark Kara persona), Kara was short-tempered and angry, leading to several violent confrontations when meeting other heroes. Lex Luthor made things worse by using Kryptonite to split Kara into a good Kara and a Dark Kara who had all the fake kill Superman memories and could speak only Kyrptonian. After fighting the JLA, Wonder Woman not knowing that Dark Kara was nothing more than all the evil fake memories implanted by Darkseid. She used her lasso to merge the two Kara's back together, making the fake memories now feel even more real.

Despite not doing a very good job due to their own problems, her mentors and role models Superman, Batman, & Wonder Woman tried to help her make a new life for herself on Earth. Superman was willing to give her space and let her find herself. So he let Batman give her a large sum of money in return for a Kryptonian object Kara had made. Bats set her up with an Apartment in New York. Batman still spied on her to make sure she didn't get into too much trouble, but otherwise she was allowed to do what she wanted.

While with Donna Troy and other heroes helping prevent a coming crisis. In deep space Kara was struck by an altered zeta-beam and disappeared.

Kara appeared in the 31st century, where she was revered as a member of the Superman family. Kara was shocked to find herself in the future, so believed that she was "dreaming" the Legion and that the 31st century was not real. Saturn Girl, attempting to learn more about how Kara arrived in their time, scanned Kara's mind and found a particularly vivid memory--that of the zeta-beam accident.

During the "missing year" following Infinite Crisis, Kara returned from space, back to the 21st century, only to find Superboy dead and Superman powerless. She became Metropolis' protector along with Booster Gold and Supernova.

One Year (and one month) after Infinite Crisis, for a short time, Kara also assumed the identity of Flamebird to fight crime in the bottle city of Kandor with Power Girl as Nightwing. They opposed a religious cult lead by a Saturn Queen mind controlled Ultraman. Ultraman is an evil alternate universe version of Superman. Saturn Queen temporarily mind controlled Kara causing the 15 year old girl to almost marry the much older Ultraman. But she quickly came to her senses saved Power Girl and threatened to kill Ultraman. Yet was offered a deal to let Saturn Queen and Ultraman keep control of the bottled city, in return for Saturn Queen giving her information on her home. She believed the key to Argo City, her home town, lay somewhere in the city. Being negatively affected by the evil memories implanted by Darkseid, and Kryptonite poisoned to boot. Kara accepted the offer. Saturn Queen implanted all the knowledge she had of Argo City into Kara's mind, then Kara used force to make PG leave with her. Power Girl felt that Supergirl had betrayed all the aliens in Kandor for her own personal gain. So she wanted nothing to do with Supergirl ever again.

After resuming her role as Supergirl. She developed a very deep friendship with Wonder Girl Cassie Sandsmark over their mutual loss of Superboy Conner Kent and over the destruction of Paradise Island.

Since coming back from the alien version of Kandor, she tried to quit the superhero thing and to that end gone to High School using a secret identity. During this time period Dark Angel was secretly manipulating some of the students emotions. Dark Angel caused one girl who had been Kara's friend to become jealous of her and resulted in Kara failing at having a normal life.

She then joined the Outsiders lead by Nightwing aka Dick Grayson. She had a crush on Nightwing and not being able to bottle up all of her powerful feelings gave a passionate kiss to Dick. Unfortunately his love interest Kory and all the other Outsiders watched this kiss. Kara developed a close friendship with fellow Outsider Owen "Boomer" Mercer aka Captain Boomerang II. Other than Dick and Owen, the rest of the team didn't like Kara.

At one point when Nightwing was away, the entire team who was secretly being manipulated by Dark Angel tortured and tried to kill Kara. Thankfully Dick came back in time to stop Red Arrow from killing Kara via a Kryptonite arrow he was aiming at her head.

She didn't fit in very well with the other Outsiders. They didn't see her as part of the team. Grace Choi especially hated Kara and called her all kinds of insulting names. On her first mission with Grace, Kara's attempt at being part of the super-team came to a sudden and painful end. Dark Angel secretly gave nobody pirates an ancient Atlantis creature, turning them into meta-human Shark creatures with the power to kill a Kryptonian. On a ship in the Atlantic Ocean, while Supergirl was being distracted by a Darkseid implanted memory of Kara killing her mother. The leader of the pirates, a Shark Lady with really sharp claws gutted Supergirl like a fish. Leaving Kara mortally wounded, and was about to rip her head off when out of the blue a new teenage hero named Powerboy showed up and saved her and Grace's lives.

Powerboy took her and Grace to Star Labs in New York, where Kara was able to recover from her injuries and heal at an accelerated rate with the help of yellow sun treatment at the hands of Dr. Cale.

After Kara was released from the hospital, she gone to Mexico with the Teen of Power. In Mexico, she and Powerboy saved hundreds of men, women, and children from a Hurricane. They then save the world from a meteor. While watching the now harmless remains of the meteor shower, the 15 year old abused and nameless orphan from the hellish Apokolips offers to share his origin story. Yet not caring what his real name or family history was, likely due to the Kryptonite poisoning and Dark Angel manipulating her. Instead Kara was more interested in having a race with him, and saying that she beat Superman, fly's off without saying where she was going. But due to his power to turn into light and travel at light speed or his power to teleport, she unexpectedly loses to PB in a race from space to the Hollywood Sign.

At the Hollywood Sign, she says for him to call her Kara. She and Powerboy are then attacked by a male and female duo of Japanese villians hired by Dark Angel to kill the Girl of Steel. Powerboy was given the choice to walk away unharmed, but loving her decided to stay and help fight. While she was off fighting Sakki The Hate Furnace, Powerboy had a wooden staff ghosted through his head by Gakidou and was left for dead on the L's of the Hollywood Sign. Once Supergirl dispatched the two Japanese murderers, she returned shouting the name "Powerboy" to check on her new friend. There is burn marks on the L's of the Hollywood Sign, and Powerboy shows signs of having been hurt. He comes from the shadows with pink eyes (his empathic powers causing his eyes to change colors depending on his emotional state). Kara could clearly see energy coming from his medallion and was concerned about his health, so asked if he was okay. Not wanting to worry her or have Kara blame herself for him being momentarily killed and crucified. The 15 year old child abused New God says he is okay (and is okay thanks to his Father Box secretly restoring him to life). In gratitude Kara gives PB a big hug as thanks for risking his young life trying to help protect her.

Shortly thereafter, Powerboy showed up at her place in New York with a stray cat. A cat that had previously been too wild to tame, having hissed and scratched at Owen and Kara. Yet now the cat was completely tame and huggable. Thanks to Powerboy's empathic powers calming the hate and fear of humans in the cat, allowing Kara to domesticate Streaky.

With the approval of her best friend Cassie who was playing matchmaker. Kara starts to date Powerboy, thus making him the first official boyfriend she ever had. Unlike Dick and Owen who was both adults way too old to have a romantic relationship with an underage girl. Powerboy was the first boy her own age to kiss her and became her first boyfriend. However they never really had the chance to do anything even remotely romantic or intimate. Outside forces continued to prevent them from connecting in a deep or meaningful way. They were forced to spend months of their relationship fighting against Cass Cain's League of Assassins and all the other bad guys, like Gearhead and the D.N.Angels sent to kill Kara for the evil agent of a Monitor named Dark Angel.

Getting fed up with all the murder attempts, Kara tracks down Cass Cain and is fortunate to survive a hard fought battle due to her Kryptonite poisoned blood causing crystals to stab Cassandra. Yet left her far too weak to do anything. So with Dark Angel watching on, she called Powerboy via his Father Box asking for him to help her friend Boomer. (Dark Angel secretly uses the opportunity of the call to hack into Powerboy's Father Box.) Boomer had been abducted by Cass Cain as bait for Supergirl. Despite knowing that the adult Owen was trying to have an inappropriate relationship with his girlfriend. Being the hero he was, Powerboy selflessly uses his Father Box to help Boomer survive his critical wounds, til safely at a hospital in New York. Thus helping save his life, which leads Kara to thank the Boy of Power once more for all the support and friendship he had shown her.

After months of having a wonderful relationship with her first teen boyfriend Powerboy. All that changed on the day her Kryptonite poisoning caused Powerboy to lose control of his empathic powers; combined with Dark Angel hijacking control of Powerboy's Father Box, resulting in a violent fight and breakup. Dark Angel then used Father Box to send her to an alternate reality with a red sun and a world ruled by Phantom Zone phantoms. Making Kara think her fake memories was real, but again was just mind games by Dark Angel. Kara rejected all the crap, and defeated Dark Angel's attempts to eliminate her from New Earth continuity. But thanks to Dark Angel her relationship with Powerboy was left in ruin.

Kara then joined the Teen Titans. But soon has a falling out with her BFF Cassie Sandsmark. Wonder Girl said she was only friends with Kara due to her connection to her beloved Superboy. Without discussing it with Tim, Cassie then kicks Kara out of the Teen Titans. Never really explaining why Cassie was acting like such a jerk. Cassie eventually stops pushing her friends away, and after saying she was sorry, they make up, and are once again close friends.

She later discovers further proof that Kryptonite poisoning was the cause of her over-violent behavior, too quick to fight heroes, and confused memory of her father as a mad-scientist wanting her to kill Superman.

Her Father and Mother return with over 100,000 others from Argo City of Krypton. Zor-El helps purge her body of all the Kryptonite poisoning. Restoring her true memories, and showing that all the Phantom Zone memories of her killing her mother and classmates was fake memories implanted by Darkseid with the intent of her killing Superman. With all the hate and rage now gone, Kara was finally happy to be back with her parents, and given a second chance at the life she thought lost forever.

But sadly the happiness was far too short lived due to her father being murdered. Her mother partly blamed Kara for Zor-El's death. And was likely Kryptonite poisoned as well. Allura verbally abused Kara, saying she was disappointed in her. So they had a horrible relationship.

Looking for a more positive mother figure leads Supergirl to Lana Lang. Lana takes Kara in, and even lets her use her last name to give the Girl of Steel a human secret identity. Kryptonians was no longer welcomed on Earth, so Kara used her Linda Lang persona to live on Earth. While living part-time on New Krypton with her mother.

Lana Lang begins showing signs of illness, and keeps her health problems secret from Kara. Insect Queen had secretly infected Lana and took her over. After a super fight, and Lana being restored to normal. Kara upset about Lana keeping secrets from her and the Insect Queen saying she was using Lana all along to get close to Kara. Kara decides to end her close friendship with Lana.

After New Krypton was destroyed by a super-villain that Kara had brought to the world. The bad guy secretly was working for General Lane and had a bomb inside his body. She blames herself for the deaths of her mother and world.

At the end of the 100 minute War of the Supermen. With the loss of everything she held dear, Kara goes back to Lana Lang, asking her if its okay if she takes back the name Linda Lang. Saying that she never wants to use the Kara Zor-El name again. Lana lovingly accepts her back into her home.

At a time when Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman was off doing other things. The Justice League needed new heroes to take over and help in the fight against evil. So Kara became a member of the Justice League. Yet after several successful adventures, she left the team to explore space and go to college.

Kara gone to Stanhope College. It was during this time that she met and started to date a non-powered human boy. Unlike her first boyfriend who's name was never revealed. The boy she cared about this time was given the respect of a name, Henry Octavius Flyte. Henry was her second boyfriend. She is last seen giving him a kiss as they romantically float several feet off the ground.

Flashpoint (September 2011-present)

Due to the crappy Flashpoint event. As of September 2011, Kara's history has been rebooted back to the point where she first crash landed on Earth. Thus all the experiences she had, and all the lives she saved. All the good she done over the last several years. Everything she learned to grow as a hero. All the friendships she made over the last six years, including with her best friends Cassie and Tim. All she accomplished as a Teen Titan. And the prestigious honor to be such a young member of the Justice League. Over half a decade of story telling with over 500 comic book appearances was thrown away as if it never mattered. The new watered down version of Supergirl has a completely different history and personality from the previous one. And there is little to no chance that the previous history will ever happen due to the DCnU being a very different timeline from the previous DC Universe.

(Disclaimer: this is a fictional journal about the DC Comics/Vertigo character Supergirl. DC Comics owns the character. This journal is for fun. No infringement is intended. All DC Comics characters and the distinctive likeness(es) thereof are trademarks of and copyright DC Comics. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.)
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