Supergirl (super_girl) wrote,

Sorry Powerboy

 I'm sorry for how things gone down with us Powerboy. I'm forever thankful that you saved my life. And grateful for the kindness and friendship you showed me, Streaky, and my Titan friends in our greatest time of need.

I deeply regret how my Kryptonite poisoning, and a crazy evil villain out to destroy my life named Dark Angel, manipulated our emotions to cause us to have a super fight and breakup.

And I'm even more sorry that you ended up horribly killed at the far too young age of 15. After all the years of abuse you suffered on Apokolips, and all the heartache and misery you found on Earth. You deserved to grow up and find the happiness and love I could never give you.

Thank you for saving my life and for all the wonderful moments you gave me.

I will remember you forever.

Love, Kara
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